20:12 19-11-2008
Manne, sjieke dinges gisteren , proficiat allemaal !

Ook wooww voor de nieuwe bassist, da op zo'n korte tijd ! Hoed af.
20:11 19-11-2008
Beste Killer, proficiat met jullie geweldige nieuwe CD Immortal, fantastische opnamen. Keep on Rockin'en tot kijk
20:11 19-11-2008
Rudi Simons
Again a step closer to the stars of imortality with your new album.

Something to be proud of...

Rudi Simons
20:10 19-11-2008
hey shorty,heb je site is bezocht man,

waar is den tijd gebleven he,veel succes en de groetjes aan je vrouwtje,

20:09 19-11-2008
hey manne , 't was weer de moeite in the starrs. prachtig optreden nav jullie nieuwe cd ,(die trouwens om duimen en vingers af te likken is),ze prijkt reeds in mijn verzameling!! van harte gefeliciteerd met 25 jaar KILLER , van mijn part mogen er zeker nog 25 bij . keep on rocking zou ik zeggen en see you on tour
20:08 19-11-2008
Koichi Matsunaga
Hi Shorty,vanne and the band !

Congratulations your new works !

Stay heavy,loud,noizy and wild !!

Mausoleum Japan
20:07 19-11-2008
yo de mannen van killer

en vanne als ge me nog kent de broer van patje weet ge nog . ferm van u dat ge het zo ver gebracht hebt doe zo verder zou ik zeggen.groeten en ne ferme pol
20:07 19-11-2008
Hello Killer!!!!

I been a fan since 1983 and it's great to see the band is still active.You guys are still one of my favorite bands of all time,I still play the music to this day and it still sounds fresh as it did make many moons ago.Keep the Metal Flmae Going.Cheers!!!


P.S.How can I get a shirt from you guys I'm over here in the states.
20:06 19-11-2008
Fernando Fustini
KILLER kick ass! What a band! The new album is very good like the others! Cheers from Brazil!
20:06 19-11-2008

Metal forever

GREAT METAL GREETZ from Snake !!!!!!!
20:04 19-11-2008
Rob P
Hello Guys,I just wanted to tell you how much I love "Broken Silence". Its definitely one of the best albums of the year(2003). As much as I love the old stuff, the keyboards really do add a lot to the new material. Its also impressive that you made such a great album considering it was over 10 years since the last one. I'm a big metal fan but it seems like a lot stuff coming now is not memorable,its harder to impress me. Thats what I love about your style,it doesn't sound like everything else. Its a breath of fresh air to me. I'm very happy your gonna record another one. Any possibilities of a live full show DVD?

Rock on!
20:03 19-11-2008
Swedish Satan
Hail to one of the greatest HEAVY metal bands all time...Cheers from Sweden!
19:54 19-11-2008
Stan Bauters
Ik moet zeggen een ontgoocheling van jewelste de afzegging van de scorpions (Hoe en wat zal mijn een worst wezen)

maar ja een vervanger die telt pure belgische rock and roll

shorty zet dat boelke maar eens op zijn kop en ja tot volgende week ook met black jack in zottegem

kan je voor mijn en mijn lieftallige dame secret love spelen

let's pull down the wall of sound..

groeten Stan en dawn
19:53 19-11-2008
Steven Aiello
I would like to say I'm a fan sence the frist day I bought [READY FOR HELL]in this record store called Blecker Bobs in the east village in NEW YORK. When I bought it, I could not wieght until I got it home to put it on my turn table.

It toke me many years to find them on CD and when I listen to them I put all three albums in. Because you just can't listen to just one of them. You have to listen them all.

I see their is some more albums out there and I can't wait to find them.
19:53 19-11-2008
Gabriel Gonzalez
Hi HM friends of KILLER,

Congratulations!!! for your new cd. It's GREAT!!!!


You're one of the best HEAVY METAL bands in the eighties and FOREVER.

I hope that in any time toured by our country Argentina.

I wish the BEST for KILLER in the future.


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